Mike Cernovich’s Writings on Rough Sex, Dominance Mindset, and Date Rape


“Mike-Danger-Lawyer.png” Undated photo, credit: Mike Cernovich/D&P

Is Mike Cernovich a rapist? Posts written during his “Game” period on Danger and Play (circa 2009-2012) shed light on Mike’s attitudes about rape, dominance, and “rough sex”.

Mike Cernovich has lately been re-inventing himself as a “national security reporter”, political activist and family man. But not too long ago, Mike’s online persona was that of a game/PUA blogger, and he wrote a lot of posts in the style of a ‘Return of Kings’ columnist and uploaded them to his men’s variety blog, ‘Danger and Play’.

Reading what Mike wrote about rough sex, what women want, his seduction techniques, and his self-reported sexual encounters suggest a man whose interpersonal style with women is at best physically domineering, and which at its worst got him charged with rape. Further posts seem to depict a man pre-occupied with what he calls “false rape accusations”, and who has dedicated a good deal of time thinking about how to avoid being charged for rape for what, to his mind, is consensual sex. These writings demonstrate a pattern in Cernovich’s behavior and ideas which I consider quite troubling and within the public interest to discuss.

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