Operational Notes About This Blog


As fans may have noticed, the title of this blog has changed to “Internet Famous Angry Men”. This is still a working title, but I felt it was better than the early spelling of my current internet handle, which is not really a blog title at all but a biographical statement about who I am. I will be changing the domain name this fall, but posts linked to idledillettante.com will still redirect to my material.

Trolls coming to the website may have noticed that I’ve closed the comment section of my most recent posts, forcing guys who would write in to say I’m wrong to host their complaints on their own blogs. Yes, boys, that is not a glitch: I am closing the comments section on my blog until further notice. This is entirely the fault of various people I’ve written about (and their associated fandoms) using moderated comments as a way of sending me threats and abuse. Effective five days ago no new articles will be open to comment.

Thanks as always for reading my posts.

Margaret Pless

P.S. (8/23/2015): I want to apologize to commentors who came here in good faith to share their thoughts. It sucks that you can’t freely offer your input and opinions, which were (and still are) very valuable to me. It is not your fault that assholes who dislike what I write & want to scare me have been abusing the comments, but it is you who really lose out by my closing the section. I hope that you continue to share your thoughts with me on Twitter and other mediums; and if I can devise a way to re-open comments without reading every troll love note sent my way I will certainly do that. Until then, thank you again for your readership.