Baphomet Alleges Moderator “Vince” is Dead. But Is He?

Rest in Peace, you little shit.

Vince: 6 feet under, or simply on the lam? (Source: The Observer)


One of Baphomet’s moderators has allegedly been killed. According to the 8chan’s one-stop shop for doxxing, identity theft, and guides to viewing child pornography, moderator “Vince” was killed “in a raid by the feds”. Although rumors are running rampant amongst Baphites, I can confirm that Vince’s Twitter account has been radio silent since October 18. With no public notice posted as to where he’s going or what he’s doing for his Internet hacker friends, it does seem possible that Vince is really truly dead. Or at least, that Vince wants it to look that way.

I’m more than a little skeptical of this story. Vince (like everyone else on Baphomet) is a mendacious asshole looking to exploit people in any way he can. So it seems likely to me that this is a ruse, posted by Vince and his most trusted friends so that he can change aliases; the better to evade police attention and possibly prison time.

“Vince” is/was one of the top moderators on Baphomet; his biggest and most recent claim to fame was the Patreon hack which stole the personal information from virtually all clients of the crowdfunding platform. As reported by The Observer, Vince claimed responsibility for the Patreon hack and seems to have been one of the first to know about it. Although Patreon initially claimed no confidential information had been taken, it was: Vince even claimed to have retrieved the last 4 digits of user’s credit cards from the database. And in hindsight, it’s apparent that Patreon’s security was woefully inadequate. 

It was, in layman’s terms, a massive fucking leak; the kind that gets FBI attention to go with your Internet notoriety. Obviously, exploiting a database like this and publicly taking credit for it makes Vince’s name a bit of a hot topic; if he sticks with it he’s likely to get arrested, just like his Baphomet buddy Joshua Goldberg got arrested last month. That is why I am not convinced this whole “killed in a raid thing” isn’t a very large, very complex lie cooked up by Vince to allow him to switch aliases and ensure only a select catre of insiders (i.e. folks like Biddix and Eclipso) know who he really is, while the rank and file in #Gamergate and Baphomet spout the Big Lie that he was shot to death by the FBI, or something.

On the one hand, this is conjecture on my part. On the other, I’d be an idiot to take what I read on Baphomet at face value. Lacking any verifiable proof that he is dead, I’m proceeding with the expectation that Vince is alive and will resurface with a new name in a couple of months; and get introduced to the community as a “new” moderator who just happens to have the same skill set as Vince and just happens to live in the same time zone. That’s exactly the kind of shit post I expect from Baphomet, and it’s exactly the kind of bullshit story #Gamergate has become accustomed to swallowing.

Update: Ralph Retort claims to have chat logs from within Baphomet proving my theory. You can see his Oct 31 post about it here and the logs themselves here. Thx for the research, Ralph!