Today I was harassed on the street. Again.

207th street and Cooper Ave, approx. 2:35pm. A white guy in his mid twenties wearing a shaved head, brown cargos and an undershirt says quietly as I walk past: “Little hickey, huh?”

I shout back: Fuck you, you fucking asshole! (I get loud when people whisper sexist bullshit in my ear.)
Asshole: No thanks! I’m good! You’re a fat slob! Who did you fuck, anyway?!
I respond: Fuck you! Why do you think you think you can talk to me like that!
Asshole (now also yelling): You called me a fucking asshole!
I respond: ‘little hickey, huh?’ What gives you the fucking right to talk to me like that?!
Asshole: Fuck you you fucking fat, sloppy bitch!

This continues for two minutes. I called him a fucking asshole throughout; but he went through the color wheel of insults, from ‘bitch’ to ‘cunt’ to ‘pig,’ to mysteriously enough ‘white trash.’ I believe he did call me a ‘stupid dodo bird.’

I should have recorded what he was saying, but he just kept barfing the insults out so fast. When I gave up and left, he shouted more and worse things at my back. He just kept on with this after I was well out of earshot; when I came back through the intersection with my lunch a few minutes later, a passerby told me that. I’m sure he did that so he could have the last word, and in his mind “win” the argument about what a fat, sloppy, white, sex-having woman in public I am.

Fuck him. I’m so tired of men I don’t know wolf whistling at me and then insulting me when I dare to stand up to them. The way they go straight from talking about sex with me to insulting me shows it’s not a compliment at all. It’s about strange men treating my body like it’s an ad for sex; then being angry about the sex I do not give them.

2 thoughts on “Today I was harassed on the street. Again.

  1. Hi Redd: You posted nearly the same comment on my Twitter Feed, except there you also called me a “touchy cunt”. So I hope you understand 1) why I blocked you there, and also 2) how you totally lost your point by calling me a “touchy cunt”. you suckboy bastard.

    P.S. FWIW, Telling a stranger “Fuck you you fucking asshole” in NYC when they wolf whistle at you is about as “assaulting” as farting in their general direction.

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